We are a creative company globally providing useful products and service for the development of people, community, and society in 3 business areas; mainly spinning business, apparel business, and real estate business.

Production bases

Production bases>
Kondobo Omachi Factory has over 100 years’ experience and know-how. As a specialist of yarns, we always propose new ideas and support a variety of needs of fashion and apparel industries.

Fiber & Textiles Development Dept.>
We make products to match customers’ needs. We support entirely from the yarns to the product and pursue a new value called sensibility value.

Apparel business Dept.

Apparel business Dept.>
We propose new material, features, and design by responding to the customers’ needs.

Retail business Dept. (Laundry brand)>
Casual clothes brand, “Laundry” has 40 stores throughout Japan.
<Tokushima Factory (sewing factory)>
Our products mainly are sewing such as tops, children’s clothes, baby clothes etc. For respect to our customer request,we accumulate day-to-day know-how. So we can  answer 120%.


Real Estate business

Planning & Development Dept.>
We will create a new form of happiness for people’s lives and new businesses through real estate development.