Kondobo Omachi Factory has over 100 years’ experience and know-how. As a specialist of yarns, we always propose new ideas and support a variety of needs of fashion and apparel industries.

Omachi factory, which is the domestic production base of KONDOBO, is located in Japan’s northern Alps which is full of nature and natural clean water and an excellent environment for the spinning industry.
High quality yarns that consist of natural material are demanded in the spinning industries, and this is one of Japan’s leading spinning plants which can develop and produce value-added new material.
The automated production line creates an environment for high efficiency. On the other hand, we make newly developed yarns by human labor taking into account of customers’ needs.
It is no exaggeration to say this is the new KONDOBO way to pursue human’s sensitivity while maintaining the production efficiency.

There are a certain quality and trust particular to “Made in Japan” products. Like yarns, we weave them with “sensibility” which creates a new value, that connect people and yarns. KONDOBO Omachi Factory is striving to perfect this value.

Giving shape to imagination

Consumers do not touch the yarn itself. After the numerous processes like spinning, dyeing, knitting, and sewing, our products are delivered to you. We are not making only “yarns” but the core material which will realize your ideal products with a good texture you desire.

Creating original products for each customer
From the development of unique material to the customization of products, we create original products for each customer and provide them for the diversified market. And, from the view of sensibility engineering, we are seeking a new possibility for yarns creating further comfort and smoother texture for clothes.

Power of creation
In order to meet our customers’ needs, we have changed our production system. We have reformed our automated mass production system to a manual system, so we can adjust to many types of needs.
New equipment, people, and system. Many things are changing now, but there’s something that won’t change at all. This is “the proper way of manufacturing”. We have been perfecting the technics of yarn production, and that ambition will not change over time. Through our comprehensive quality control, we are creating new yarns.

Connecting our abilities

We don’t end when we are satisfied when it comes to yarn.
We have a responsibility that we give shape to any requests and any ideas.
Our reliable technology makes it possible.

There are several offices in Japan and other countries, and each department is specialized for specific businesses. Through yarns, fabric, and products… We share information that each department has, so that we can analyze it ourselves and apply the ideas from diverse points of view. This is KONDOBO’s new style which helps us create efficient products.


素材開発部 今治出張所 アパレル事業部 ランドリー事業部 徳島工場

As a global spinning manufacturer, KONDOBO has production bases in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, strengthening the international competitiveness.
We have OEM factories of knitting products in China, where we continuously dye, print, and sew. In Vietnam and Indonesia, there are mainly cotton-spinning production bases which provide products throughout the world.