Making products rooted in towel production district “Imabari”.

Window for realizing commitment

The towel has a loop called a pile which is influenced greatly by the yarn of the raw material, so greatly changes the expression of the towel, such as softness, lightness, volume feeling, depending on which yarn is selected. Imabari local office closely adheres to manufacturing in the production district. We feel full of environment with many hint development yarn with many kind of raw material. Base on this condition, we feed back the obtained information to Omachi factory of our spinning factory, and we are developing new manufacturing every single day.

Through many activities to know production district

In order to know Imabari production district more deeply, we do many activities with the manufacturer of the production district. Maker face each other face-to-face to make manufacturing, it is important to talk with real intention at any time, we feel that relationships that can be trial and error are important, and we am working on such activities. We keep protect Japan ‘s supply chain with cooperation among maker who have a passion for manufacturing things.

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Connecting our abilities

Base on kind of raw material for yarn we want to be making unprecedented  towels. To make towel of excellent gem. Realize “wanting” in the production district. Place to connect yarn and towel.

Communication rooted in the production district makes it possible.

There are several offices in Japan and other countries, and each department is specialized for specific businesses. Through yarns, fabric, and products… We share information that each department has, so that we can analyze it ourselves and apply the ideas from diverse points of view. This is KONDOBO’s new style which helps us create efficient products.


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